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Published by Plarium with Turkish language support, Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a web-based war and strategy game where you struggle to gain military and technological superiority over other players in in-game missions as the captain of a Pirate ship. Each port is the center of the piracy world in the game where each player has its own port. Here you can collect a wide variety of resources such as gold, rum, timber, and build various buildings to produce the units you need, such as the fleet.

You can take dangerous voyages on the open seas and seize the ships and ports of other players, thus expanding the territory that you rule and make your reputation heard. In the game, where diplomacy is as important as military moves, you can make friends and gain dominance without fighting by communicating with your possible enemies.

Discoveries provide the technology you need to succeed in the Seven Seas. To further your discoveries, you have to review the Blueprints every day. But first you need to build the Observatory to be able to research Explorations that allow you to create new Buildings and Units. The sooner you upgrade your observatory, the sooner you can start new research.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune, which meets game lovers with Turkish language support in Plarium publishing, is a pirate-themed war and strategy game that you can play on your browser without any installation or setup. In the game where you play the role of the captain of a pirate ship traveling in black waters, you find yourself crews and fight to instill fear in your enemies.

In Pirates: Tides of Fortune, where each player has its own port and a small town, you will meet the needs of your crew by obtaining resources such as rum, gold and timber, and on the other hand, you are trying to increase your abilities by building new buildings. In the game where you can have bigger and stronger ships and more experienced crews according to your level, you can explore new harbors by going on expeditions and gain loot by looting them.

In Pirates: Tides of Fortune, where the strategy you will follow is very important, you can wage an aggressive attitude against all pirates around you and pillage them, or you can defend your harbor without difficulty, or you can use your diplomacy skills to make friends around you and make collective wars against common enemies.

 System requirements

 ● OS: Windows 7 or higher.
 ● Processor: Quad Core.
 ● Memory: 2 GB RAM.
 ● Graphics: Any.
 ● Storage: 140 MB available space