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Raid: Shadow Legends has Campaigns, Dungeons, Nation Wars, Arena and Clan Boss battle modes. The most energetic battle mode is the Campaign battle mode. To get the best rewards, you have to win campaign lists, three-stage battles. You can also put the best rewards in your vault if you get a three-star win after each completed battle. We enter the campaign battle lists with three fighters, one in tow. You have to make sure they are the best heroes you drive on the map of this size. Also be sure of the different abilities of these two characters.


Play Multi-Battle before closing the game. You have to play a war that you can end with 3 stars. This will allow you to quickly skip the gift present for both. You can also use this mod to improve your hero. A 15% bonus is given to everyone who completes the campaign battle. You can value this bonus low level hero. This option is ideal for unlocking other bonuses and modes. You can also quickly develop with BlueStacks by playing from the computer. So you can continue from the phone during the day or from the computer when you come home.

As you earn different types of shards, you will have the chance to add new warriors to your party through the Portal. When you get a star champions, you should not use them as nothing more than victim lambs for your higher star ranked party members only. The Tavern will allow you to perform this action. As you start to get more two star heroes, you must strengthen them together with your higher star ranking champions After you get more three star champions, you must start sacrificing your level two star champions to make these three star warriors much stronger. Your general army should be filled with nothing but three-star or higher-ranked champions as they go much deeper into the game.

While in the tavern, be sure to use the character upgrade options to increase the effectiveness of your three-star or higher ranked champions. When you get your hands on a powerful new champion after completing a Campaign battle or passing through the Portal, you should consider putting them to work in the Competition Pit. A completely new champion can level up without active participation during battles, thanks to the passive healing opportunity offered through the Competition Pit.


When it comes time to equip your preferred champions and your long-time eyes with the ability and power-boosting Gear, make sure all six slots are always filled with the same color equipment. All artifacts you add to a champion must fall into the same set type, which gives that champion an extremely useful gearset bonus. Champions will need all the help they can get after getting into the fight of the Dungeons, which gives great rewards when completed such as character rising potions, much better gear, champion upgrade bundle. Star or higher ranked champions in your party before taking the entire ladder of dungeons battles. The same strategy applies to facing the challenge of completing these Difficult Conflict Battles and Arena battles.


The gem can be used to buy incredibly beautiful things in the in-game store. This may be driving you to buy something from the store. If it really is, you should stop immediately. Because the gem is really important in the game and should be used for another important task. You have to use 500 gems to unlock the mine in the game. Therefore, collect them as you earn them, and open your mine immediately when you have 500. After running the mine, it will start producing many different types of stones for you in the background without doing anything.


One of the best ways to move up fast in mobile games is with missions. Because the missions give really good rewards and also allow you to gain lots of XP. These missions are simple at first and their reward is adjusted accordingly. However, as you level up and continue to do the missions, even better gift missions will be waiting for you in a more challenging way. In particular, you should definitely do daily tasks. For this, it will be sufficient to take a short time before leaving the game. Remember, the more tasks you do, the faster you will improve.