PVP battles in dozens of space venues

PVE missions for group or single gun installed

Unique sandbox mode with wide PVP and PVE capability

Troop power struggle

More than a hundred ships of various types and functions

9 tactical roles, hundreds of modules and modification possibilities

Module and shipbuilding!

Perfect World with successful games such as Never Winter - Star Trek - Forsaken World, or arcgames as you know, we hope that this game published under the name of Star Conflict is among Free-to-Play, Action, Sci-Fi, Multiplayer, Space games. It will soon prove that it is different from others and have a large mass of players,

As with all arcgames games, you can obtain the game codes in Star Conflict via our site.

Key Features of the Game:

Three thousand years have passed since the first colonies left Earth. The galaxy is now divided between aggressive star empires and independent factions. In a far corner of the galaxy - Sector 1337, the realm of the dead - lies an abandoned world. Here, the ruins of a great alien civilization were recently discovered. Huge factories and big cities are rotting. Pieces of ships lie in the areas where massive wars were fought at the time. However, there is not a single living being. Everything was destroyed by a mysterious cataclysm, an abnormal shaking that burned down all life in this industry.


This did not stop humanity from the new "owner" of the Universe. Mercenaries and adventurers flocked to the industry, ignoring the danger, searching for ruins and looting abandoned artifacts. Many, including members of the well-armed reconnaissance squads, went missing, but those who managed to return uncovered unprecedented wealth. So the looters kept coming here, to find the aliens' lost treasures and fight for them.


A Fleet at Your Fingertips

Command ships filled with heavily equipped guns and rockets from agile scout ships. As time goes by, you can command your own fleet.

 You can leave the station and travel through space colonies that have been invaded by the ancient alien race. You can complete missions, collect valuable items, craft modules and ships, fight other players you meet, or team up against pirates and evil aliens from the depths of space. Each ship can be used for strategic missions, such as researching territory, hunting enemies by hiding in the shadows, or getting support from allies. Along with an impressive range of weapons and gadgets, the opportunity to craft items and ships will help you with this. Ally with your friends to form a deadly battalion of elite pilots. Fight other players, complete PVE missions. Form troops and participate in battles to take control of territories. Put your name on the history of the universe.

 It's a brand new game that will drag you around and apply your own strategies. Get ready for a ruthless struggle in the depths of space.