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Level System in the game:
Tier (Tier) = It is the level point showing the research points (TP-RP) and money (Güçüş Aslan - Silver Lion) earned by the vehicle you use according to the game mode you choose. If you choose a vehicle according to tier, you will see that vehicles of 2-3-4 level can come face to face. Tier II American M4A3 (105) Sherman enters the same game as Tier IV Russian ZSU-37 BR 4.7.
Battle Rating = You must sort your vehicles according to BR, not Tier. Battle rating is the score that shows the battle capacity of your opponent. According to this score, it is very normal for Sherman with Tier II 4.7 BR to face a Tier IV 4.7 or 5.7 competitor. You must put a value of -1 / + 1 for each rating you choose. When you choose a 4.7 vehicle, you come across a minimum of 3.7 and a maximum of 5.7. The most common mistake is to cry and whine when he takes Tier IV Ferdinand (BR 7.0) and throws Tier V tanks in front of him. Ferdinand faces opponents from 6.0 to 8.0, placing Ferdinand next to two Tier IV tanks is wasting the other two tanks.
In summary:
Battle Rating (Battle Power), the strength of the opponent you will encounter (Bullet diameter, speed, maneuverability, etc.),
Tier (Experience Points + Silver Lion Gain Level) shows the money and research points you will earn according to the game mode you choose.


- Single and Dynamic interoperable missions.
- Better graphics, superior damage system, more detailed vehicle models and effects than their counterparts in World of Tanks and World of Planes.
- Customizable free, realistic vehicle camouflage sets.
- Free country flags for vehicle customization and sticker sets used by countries in the game at that time.
- Premium account and balance in vehicles.
- Arcade, Realistic and Simulation game mode options.
- Equivalent to the head hit in Counter-Strike, instead of the hit point system in its counterpart WOT. (The tank hit from the arsenal explodes, the hit pilot falls off, the tail rudder is damaged, and the locked plane becomes an easy target when locked in the direction it goes, the fuel tank drops when the exploding aircraft fuel runs out, etc.)
- End system supports such as all kinds of joysticks, joypads, oculus rift.
- Possibility to play on the same servers with Playstation 4 console players.
- Updates coming regularly every 2-3 months add new ones to planes, tanks and maps.
In the equivalent game, you can buy 3-4 tanks or planes with the money you can buy WOT, tanks.
- In WOT and World of Planes, you have to use several slots and pay real money for an extra slot, but no vehicle purchased in this game can be sold, but you can change and use your old or new vehicle in the hangar. or free garage whenever you want.
- During the first 1 month you start the game, you earn 1.000.000 game money every day and weekday continuously.
- While your friends earn money for the level you invite, they earn for the levels they reach.
- The simulation mode cannot be played without the joystick and it is very difficult to see the opponent without a head tracker, as only the view is provided from the cockpit. In-game camouflages really start working in this mode, cursors showing red and blue opponent and friendly units do not work in this mode and you have to see the opponent with eye contact. White camouflage makes you invisible on snowy maps or in cloudy weather, while jungle camouflage hides you very well in mountainous areas.
- There are many Turkish players and Klan in the top 20.
- Full version Software Development Kit support, but documentation is poor.
- There is a Turkish Community Section in the official forum.
- There is a Steam version (same as Regular Client, when you enter the game, Steam will only see that you are in the game in your Friends list).
- Official tournaments called Gladiators are held regularly.
- Play the # 1 Dogfight and tank war games in Free 2.